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Why us?

Technical expertise and operational experience guarantees excellent customer service

Carl Wright and Seb Butcher founded Purple Tuesday in 2011. Both have technical backgrounds, having worked at Moneyfacts, Aviva and Online Media Group in Norwich. Seb was also co-founder of SyncNorwich, a tech-networking group listed in Tech City UK's TechNation report.

Carl Wright and Seb Butcher

We are immensely proud of our team of technology experts, systems architects and software developers.

They bring a wealth of technical insights and managerial experience to every challenge. Together we can guide your project from concept planning and design, through coding and testing, to implementation and ongoing support as needed.

Our success means our business is debt free and has experienced year-on-year growth since launch.

Our clearly defined values drive your project's success


We don't operate as a 'black box'. Instead, we keep you involved and informed. We share your commitment to business success and understand our responsibility in delivering your innovation.


We are transparent in our approach and take a shared responsibility in the work we produce.


We give you appropriate advice that fits your needs. We avoid technical jargon and work with you at your pace and your team’s level of understanding.


We know your business has to adapt to changing markets and we will plan for that. Our Agile approach works well for businesses that need to respond rapidly to uncertainty.


We will work with you as an extension to your existing teams. You’ll be able to call on our expertise as your on-demand software department.

Our ISO certifications

Purple Tuesday is an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified business.

Holding these certifications demonstrates that you will always receive the best customer service and gives guarantees that we have in place robust information security procedures ensuring confidentiality for you and your customers.

Can your chosen technology partner prove their commitment to quality and security?

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Let's get to work, together

Tell us a little bit about your software project. If you want to send us an email then please write to [email protected], or why not call us on 01603 856720 and we'll talk through your requirements.